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Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2009


This summer some very famous acts from Bulgaria have made a nice collaborations with world known artists which brings them more international popularity.

The most explosive combination is between the rappers duo Rumanetsa & Enchev and Turbo B from Snap! Rumanetsa is a half romanian-half bulgarian and Enchev is a natural bulgarian singer. Turbo B was their idol with his unique rapping style and thats why when they met him at a concert in Bulgaria, they reffer him an old tape to listen. The US star loved the music and agreed to do a new vocals to it. So the new hit Don't Cha Know was born. These guys invited the holland singer Miss Romagna from the band R.O.O.M. to join them and put some sexy vocals. The single entered the bulgarian radio charts last week and will be released later as a maxi in America, Holland, Turkey and Romania.

Watch the video here

Here is another dream story for the young bulgarian singer LiLana. She starts a music career in a female duo. Later she took a solo career with some modern dance hits. And early this year she joined another BG star the rapper Big Sha (ex Misho Shamara) to do a new track. Big Sha himself have done efforts to connect him with the famous Snoop Dogg. Finally Snoop agreed to make this song with the bulgarians. So they recorded all parts for the hit Dime Piece and shot a video together. Snoop made his introducing rapping as he did it before for the bands like The Pussycat Dolls. There was a big scandal before more than a month with this song when it was promoted in USA by a turkish TV show. The speakers of the show did a bad joke with LiLana and Snoop and were immediately bombed from a hundreds of angry bulgarian fans who rings on the telephones and sends email. After that the american tv show must apologize to the singers and their fans.

Watch the video here

Nevena is a winner from the bulgarian Music Idol Show. After that reached fast the radio charts with a lot of new hits. She was loved for her beautiful voice and charming smile. Many famous authors has written songs for her and among them the songwriters of Army Of Lovers and Vacuum. Her latest song Zoom is written by Marius Moga from the romanian band Morandi who wrote early before songs for other bulgarian singers too. Maybe she choose Moga cause Morandi are very popular in Bulgaria. In the shot video also takes part another singer from Greece named Nivo.
This song is a first place hit from the MTV World Chart Express Show on 28.06.2009 and has a big success in Bulgaria, Romania and Greece.

Watch the video here

Another big dance hit in Bulgaria this sommer is made by Vladi Radev feat. Gita and is called Make It Better. They are similar new stars on the bg music scene but they become a huge success in the clubs with this track. Its a nice dance house song with latino elements and powerful vocals made by Gita. Last year they entered the charts with another dance tune Summer Glory. Gita is also Music Idol star as Nevena , she likes jazz and soul and sings perfectly Donna Summer.

Watch the video here

.....And finally something new from the famous Deep Zone Project. After their presentation at Eurovision with the song DJ Take Me Away they become a worldwide popularity and made a contract with ToCo International Company. Deep Zone are a kind of family band. They were popular in Bulgaria since many years before doing pure house music, remixes for other acts and making radio shows. They have done some pop songs with diffrent singers and produced many young stars after founding their own record company. Joanna worked as a teenager in a popular show on the national television. Later she joined the band of her father just before Eurovision. Today they release hits for the band as well as a lot of songs for all of them. DJ Rossko released the single I remember with Mike Johnson. Dian released the single One More Time with Mescalex. The latest song from Joanna is called Cant Breath Without You and the project of her father is called JuraTone and his latest singles are Chance To Love You and Sunny Days. But the biggest smash hit of Deep Zone now is called The Summer Is Here - a catchy dance track with a nice see-like video. They keep producing remixes and last one is called Stefan - Get Up (Deep Zone Project Remix).

Watch the videos here DeepZone and Stefan



One of the biggest european music companies ToCo International, which released a lot of bands in the 90s, still produces a plenty of singles today. So here I review some of the latest hit bombs :

T-Spoon released their hit single "No Time 2 Waste 2009" but with new "clothes". The dutch eurodance group was famous with the hits like "A Part Of My Life", "Mercedes Benz" ,"Sex on the beach","Message of Love" & "Summer Love". The single can be found in all digital megastores and includes remixes by Spic n' Span & Etienne Overdijk .

Thea Austin (the former voice of SNAP (Rhythm Is A Dancer)) made an collaboration with the belgium band Natural Born Grooves, consisting of Jaco van Rijswijk (the producer of Danzel) and Frank van Herwegen (a.k.a. DJ F.R.A.N.K., a.k.a. Frank Ti-Aya). The song is called "Bad Bad Baby" and was released this month.

The new single of D-Lete & Funk-K is called High and its a cover after the Lighthouse Family's hitsingle. Its the second maxi after the success of "Save Tonight".

Another smash for the summer is the band Fio it is an extravagant and extrovert international act performed by Antonino, Gail & Senna. Fio is produced by Ronald Fiolet. In May/June 2009 FIO released his 3th record 'Can't let you go' in great mixes of Dave Ramone, Niels van Gogh, Baggi Begovic, Dima Krasnik and many more. 'Can't let you go' is modern po-dance love song with influences of dance, electro, pop and italo.

Many cover versions are released too and some of them are :

Katerine - Ayo Technology (by Milow)

Indigo Sun - You Dont Fool Me (by Queen)

Sofia - Last Thing On My Mind (by Steps)

Vitamin T - Rhythm Is A Dancer (by Snap)

Shaft - Mucho Mambo (Sway) 2009

ToCo International releases also the singles of the bulgarian acts Deep Zone, Rossko, Joanna Dark, Dian & Mescalex and the romanian young stars Yarabi and Inna with "Hot".

You can listen to all the singles in full length here .


Waldo's People released a new single called "New Vibration" and was lunched in July, the song is # 4 in Finland Charts.

2 Eivissa released a new single in collaboration with Tanga Team, the song is called "Big Fiesta" and was released in June, the single can be found on Ballermann Hits Compilation .

Dj Rebel known for his collaboration with Robert Abigail made an remix after 2Brothers hit single "Never Alone".The single was released on 16th July and includes a remix after Cappella "U Got 2 Know" too.

S.E.X Appeal - Do you miss E-Rotic ? The german eurodance project who sings about sex? Lyane Leigh ( Ex E-rotic) and the real voice of E-Rotic is back this summer with her project S.E.X Appeal and the new single which is a cover after E-Rotic song "Sex on the phone" . The single will be released in August and includes 6 remixes made by Bootleggerz and D. Mand.

Captain Jack released the new song Hi Ho at all major download portals, such as Juno Records.

AB Logic female lead vocal Marianne Festraets has now her official Myspace. She has plans to release in the future some of her self-written songs, prepared before for AB Logic.

Bad Boys Blue - Another loss for the Bad Boys Blue family. (After Trevor Oliver Taylor who died on19th January 2008 by an heart attack), another member of the band Andrew Thomas passed away at Weyertal hospital in Cologne (Germany) in the evening of July 21st 2009 at the age of 63. Andrew Thomas was one of the original members of BBB till 2005, he died from a pancreatic cancer. R.I.P.

Thanxx for the latest news by Eurodance Blog.


Daisy Dee (ex singer and Club Rotation Show - DJ) came back to her older passion television with a show about fashion (produced by her) called FX - fashiontrix, already a success in Holland, Belgium and France. Daisy thought its time to bring the fashion trix to german viewers from Viva. The show brings the best designers of this industry, who will give some tips and advise for ordinary people, about clothes and what's new this year in fashion, the program will be broadcast every Tuesday from 21:00 CET.

Tiesto made an remix for Yeah Yeah Yeah's single "Heads Will Roll" and the remix was played already in Tiesto concerts and becomes a massive success. The single was played also in Club Life show last Friday.

Velvet put her voice on the BWO's song "Right here right now", the single will be released in UK on 31th August.

Axel Coon (former Scooter member) created a new project called Plaxx. The single is entitled Dance With Me .

Infernal's album "Electric Cabaret" reached platinum status. They went back to studio to start working on the following album. Concerning to the style of the future album they said "we want it to be a little less feathers & sequins and a bit more jeans & T-shirt’ish.

Da Buzz just announced on their official site, that will take a long break .In Europe Da Buzz was known from their hits like: "Wanna be with me", "I wonder where you are " & "Dangerous". At the end of 2007 they release an album with their hits called “Da Buzz Greatest hits ".


The italian dance band Prezioso feat Marvin released a new single entitled Happy Flight (The Never Ending Story). It was included on the new compilation Prezioso In Action, released in May. They returned this year with another new song called I Believe.

Cascada's next single from the new album Evacuate The Dancefloor could be the track Dangerous, as the album advert featured a small clip of the video for Dangerous. Though nothing has been confirmed, cause there have been several videos produced for future singles.

Bad Boys Blue 's fans finally decided which song will be included on the 25th anniversary album of the band, the song chosen is "FROM HEART TO HEART" with 293 votes. It will be included with a new version.

Savage is back. After an absence of 15 years from music scene, the producer Roberto Zanetti aka Savage (responsible of eurodance projects like Ice Mc, Double you & Alexia), finally decided to bring out this year his project Savage. Last month he filmed in L.A. a new video for the newest single "Twothousandnine" who will be released this month.

Liza Da Costa (former Captain Jack vocalist) released her solo album called "Supresa". The material is made with her band Hotel Bossanova . If you love brazilian music for sure you will love this album.

E-type 's new single Ding Ding Song will be digitally released in the Netherlands.

TIESTO's New Single 2009

Tiesto lunched his new single "I Will Be Here" in collaboration with Australian electro pop-stars Sneaky Sound System. The song is uplifting, at the same time, it’s a great dance track with some epic builds and breaks and is going off at the shows every night, which is the most important thing. The single can be found on Itunes and includes remixes by Benny Benassi, Laidback Luke, Wolfgang Gartner.

MR. PRESIDENT's New Album 2009

Finally the new album of Mr.President was lunched at the end of July on Itunes worldwide. The material includes 10 unreleased tracks and a cover after Abba song "Thank you for the music". You can find more infos about this CD in the posts before here.

These are the tracks on the album:

01. Circus(Show Intro 1997)
02. Gonna get along (Stage Version 1999)
03. I'll follow the Sun (Nightclub Tour Mix 1997 )
04. Outcuts 01 (Station ID)
05. Up'n Away (Nightclub Tour Mix 1997)
06. 4 on the Floor (Nightclub Tour Mix 1998)
07. Coco Latino (Coco Jamboo Stage Mix 2002)
08. Outcuts 02 (Station ID 1999)
09. Christmas Today
10. Thank you for the Music

SCOOTER's New Single 2009

Scooter's new single will be entitled J'adore Hardcore, and it will be released on 14. August 2009. The new album, called Under The Radar Over The Top will follow on october 2nd 2009. In 2010, Scooter will start a new big tour through Germany : the "Under The Radar Over The Top Tour 2010" who starts in Cologne on March 11th. Scooter will make their version of song Troy by Die Fantastischen Vier for their 20th year tribute album. And their hit Nessaja was used as main theme on the movie "Brüno"


Ray, the ex rapper from 2 Unlimited, lives today in Germany with his wife and children.There is information that Ray is currently working on a dance track with Strictly runner-up Rachel Stevens. It is a cover of the Wendy Moten classic 'Come In Out Of The Rain'.

11,12 April 2009 Ray appeared together with his 2 Unlimited partner Anita live on stage for the very first time after 13 years at the "I love the 90´s" Party in Hasselt, Belgium; and on the 30th of April on Queensday in Amsterdam, Holland.

Further concerts together with Anita are planned, but it is still not sure if a real comeback with the original band name 2 Unlimited will happen in 2009.

Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2009


The brand new single from Madonna is finally called "Celebration" and its from her Greatest Hits album planned to be released on 25th September entitled "Celebration". The new single is scheduled to be launched on radio on 28 July although a launch in France and some other lands will be possible very soon. The title, a real uptempo song, is a dance anthem produced by DJ Paul Oakenfold. "Celebration" the new best of Madonna is actually a double album containing all of her greatest success plus 3 new songs : "Celebrate" and "Revolver" featuring Lil 'Wayne and "Broken", the second title produced by Paul Oakenfold. "Cool" a song from the sessions of "American Life" has been reworked and could be the B-side of a single.

A 12" Dub Mix of the song Celebrate is available.


Madonna has done a tribute to the King Of Pop Michael Jackson at her Sticky & Sweet Tour Concert in London O2 Arena on 4th July. She used to love him and know his as the greatest artist in the world.

Dienstag, 21. Juli 2009

PAUL VAN DYK new single HOME

Paul Van Dyk will release on 21 August the second single Home from his latest album Volume with the vocals of Johnny McDaid. The promo cd contains 3 new club mixes.
Paul Van Dyk - Home (Pvd Extended Mix)
Paul Van Dyk - Home (Kaskade Club Mix)
Paul Van Dyk - Home (Jay Vee And PVD Mix)

ATB new single BEHIND

ATB will release the second single Behind from the new album Future Memories. The song is a collaboration with the Flanders and the new video is always shot.
01 - Behind (ATB Vs. Callea Re-edit) 02:50
02 - Behind (Markus Gardeweg Remix) 06:29
03 - Behind (Taylor & Gallahan Remix) 07:55
04 - Behind (Club Mix) 07:00
05 - Behind (EDX Radio Mix) 03:38
06 - Behind (EDX Remix) 07:15
07 - Behind (EDX Re-Dub) 06:28

ERASURE with new EP

Erasure will release on 7 August their new single Erasure Club. It will contain new remixes and remastered versions. It will be available for download at .

1. Push Me Shove Me (Moonbeam Mix) (2009 Digital Remaster) 6:22
2. Push Me Shove Me (Catatonic Mix) (2009 Digital Remaster) 4:13
3. Senseless (Avalon Mix) (2009 Digital Remaster) 6:26
4. Ship Of Fools (Orbital Southsea Isles Of Holy Beats Mix) (2009 Digital Remaster) 9:40
5. Sometimes (Danny Rampling Mix) (2009 Digital Remaster) 6:01
6. Weight Of The World (Heavy 'B' Mix) (2009 Digital Remaster)


Buy Colton's album Under The Covers here buy/

Download Colton's new singles here

Freitag, 17. Juli 2009

MICHAEL JACKSON Unreleased Song 2009

Three weeks after The King Of Pop's death an unreleased song of him was put in the web for listening, in case its just a sample of the song named A Place With No Name. (Check it at Youtube channel)

The song "A Place with No Name" sounds similar to the song "A Horse with No Name" released by the group America back in 1971. We're told several years ago America's manager gave his group's permission for Jackson to record the song, "A Place with No Name" -- despite the similarity.America's current manager, Jim Morey, who was also Michael's manager in the late 80's and early 90's, tells us, "The band was honored that Michael chose to do their song and they hope it becomes available for all Michael's fans to hear."It's unclear when Michael recorded the song but some suggested its from the Invincible album session.

It was also known that there are about 100 more unreleased songs of Michael. Some sources says another 200 songs were recorded in a secret library which belongs to his children. The producers of Michael's future tour tell that they have about 2 hours live material recorded from the rehearsals with perfect quality which can be released on two live albums. So it is more to be seen from Michael in the next time...

Here are more names of new unreleased songs recorded in the last few years and published in the web for listening:

Work Your Body / Mystery Girl
Bad Girl
Islam In My Veins
Baby's Fire
If You Dont Get It
Lady In My Life
Sunset Driver
Let It Let Go
Nite Line
Bottle Of Smoke
Space Dance

More of the latest news about Jacko at every day.

Mittwoch, 15. Juli 2009

RU PAUL New Album 2009

The new album from RuPaul (man acting as a dragqueen) is finally here. The CD - Champion was released in 2009. The style of this album is modern electro house and pop and sounds very catchy. RuPaul shows again his amazing voice abilities. Some hits like Cover Girl, Champion and Throw Ya Hands Up are already famous at the clubs. Its hot for this summer, just check it out !!!

01. Main Event
02. Jealous Of My Boogie
03. Cover Girl
04. Tranny Chaser
05. LadyBoy
06. Champion
07. Never Go Home Again
08. Destiny Is Mine
09. Let's Turn The Night
10. Devil Made Me Do It
11. Theme From "Drag Race"
12. Throw Ya Hands Up (with Lady Bunny)

Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2009

CASCADA New Album 2009

On 17 July DJ Yanou will release the third album of the project Cascada with a brand new style similar to the us star Lady Gaga.
Tracklisting & More Information
1. Evacuate The Dancefloor
2. Hold On
3. Everytime I Hear Your Name
4. Ready Or Not
5. Fever
6. Hold Your Hands Up
7. Breathless
8. Dangerous
9. Why You Had To Leave
10. What About Me
11. Draw The Line - Yanou's Candlelight Mix

Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2009

BAD BOYS BLUE New Single 2009

Bad Boys Blue released a complete maxi single to the song Queen Of My Dreams with new remixes. The single was released only digital on 1 May in USA and 1 June in Europe. CD release will follow. The single contains 7 versions between them a new remix version 2009 and two other remixes made by Hideout and Alex Twister.

BBB are going to co-operate with Coconut Records for the release of the anniversary album called "25", produced by Modern Romantics Productions for the BBB's 25 years on the scene celebration. The date of release is planned for October 2009 and the album will contain 25 remakes 2009 and some really nice surprises.

You can still vote til 14th July on their website for a track that will be reproduced on the anniversary album and chosen by the fans. At the moment the song From Heart To Heart is most wanted.


Mariah Carey released her brand new single Obsessed. A super summer r'n'b track with a cool remix featuring Gucci Mane. The comeback of Mariah this year will be complete with the release of her new album Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel on 25 August. She sang yesterday her I'll Be There version on the Michael Jackson's memorial ceremony in LA.

Beyonce will release on 31 July the next new single Sweet Dreams. Exclusive remixes are made by Steve Pitron & Max Sanna and Harlan Pepper.

Haddaway's What Is Love 2009 was remixed by DJ Klaas in the modern new electro style. It sounds just perfect.

Modern Talking released unofficial bootleg remixes of Brother Louie 2009 made by Alan Runner and Shnurock.

Rihanna's new hit is Te Amo, its just a constant powerplay at the most r'n'b radio stations.

Linkin Park recorded a new hit called New Divine as a soundtrack to the last Transformers film.

Masterboy's Love Message 2009 is re-released in a new version from the producer DJ Klubbingman. He reproduced the song in 2004 once again.

U2 released the next single I ll Go Crazy with some club remixes made by dj's like Dirty South, who used to make a remake of Depeche Mode too.

Paul Van Dyk released as a vinyl single the second new track Home from the last album Volume - The Best Of. A long club version is made by PVD and a new club remix by Kaskade.

Montag, 6. Juli 2009


2 Unlimited - On June 8, Ray & Anita were awarded "Most Popular Act of the 1990s", based on number of weeks in the Dutch Top 40.

Nadia Ali (IIO) will release her second solo single in 2009 called "Fine Print". It will be possible for download at from 1 August. The big maxi contains 10 versions and remixes. Her first solo hit was called Love Story.

Sandy Chambers (Double You and Benassi Bros) appears on Pocho's latest single Brighter.

Amber (famous with This Is Your Night) released her new single in 2009 called I Don't Believe in Hate (Drip Drop). It can be downloaded at the online shops and contains 5 mixes. Remixes are made by Pathos V2 and Yinon Yahel.

Nana - the famous german rapper from 1997 is preparing a new album and he is ready with the new hit called Stand Up.

Loona will release her new summer hit Parapapapapa on 24 July 2009. She also took part at the german Big Brother show.

Madonna announced that she will make a change on her tour programm because of Michael Jackson's death. She decided to sing some songs of Michael on the final tour show in Sofia Bulgaria. On this august evening she will make a tribute to the King Of Pop who she used to love a lot.

Benjamin Boyce (ex - Caught In The Act) performed live one of the band's bigges hit Love Is Everywhere on the scene of the german tv show Ultimative Chart Show.

DJ Bobo performed live for the first time his future hit Take Me To The Top on the final evening of his tv show Germany's Next Showstar. A new album will be released with this song and the new Fantasy Tour 2010 will follow.

MR. PRESIDENT New Album 2009

As we know the german pop band Mr. President is going to release a new album. Now the name of this album is published and it will be called Welcome Back (On The Dancefloor) . The band is out of the scene since 2003 but the producer decided to make a gift to the fans with this compilation. The new album features never heard before material, rare tracks produced for the stage shows between 1996 and 1999, and it will be released on 28 July. A part of the tracklist is published too :

The first songs from the upcoming album:
01 Intro 1998
(This“circus-like“ intro was produced for the summer open air concert tour.)
02 Gonna get along 1999
(Produced for the Tour 2000, never played on the stage.)
03 I follow the sun 1997
(the hit as you never heard before! Played during the Tour 97/98)

MARQUESS New Album 2009

The german latino band Marquess is going to release their fourth album Compania Del Sol on 17 July 2009. The video to the new single Arriba is just shot, its a funny latino summer hit that makes everybody dance and sing. The previous albums of Marquess are Marquess 2006, Frenetica 2007, Ya! 2008. Some of their greatest hits are El Temperamento, Vayamos Companeros, La Vida Es Limonada, Lucia and La Histeria.

MOBY New Album 2009

The world famous dj of New York Moby released his new album Wait For Me. It comes just one year after the last album Last Night 2008 with the mega hit Disco Lies. This album is a symbolish comeback to the roots of Moby's music when he recorded the track Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad. You know the small animated hero, he is back on the cover now. The new single of this album is called Pale Horses.

1. Division 1:56
2. Pale Horses 3:37
3. Shot In The Back Of The Head 3:15
4. Study War 4:18
5. Walk With Me 4:01
6. Stock Radio 0:55
7. Mistake 3:47
8. Scream Pilots 2:48
9. JLTF 1 1:27
10.JLTF 4:40
11.A Seated Night 3:23
12.Wait For Me 4:13
13.Hope Is Gone 3:31
14.Ghost Return 2:38
15.Slow Light 4:00
16.Isolate 3:28

QUEENSBERRY Album Re-Release 2009

The german Popstars girlband Queensberry re-released their debut album Volume 1 on 26 June. The album will contain 6 new songs plus a remix of the new summer smash hit Too Young, one of the new songs released as a single. The pop band is on tour in Germany together with The Pussycat Dolls.

1. No Smoke
2. Bike
3. Sorry
4. Dr. Blind
5. Over It
6. End Of Love
7. Sprung
8. I Can't Stop Feeling
9. Beautiful Thing
10. Stiletto Heels
11. Jump
12. Butterfly
13. Why Should I Believe In You
14. Too Young
15. Love On The Radio
16. Glamarous
17. Naive
18. Dance
19. Flow
20. Too Young [M.A.T. Catwalk Mix]

AVENTURA New Album 2009

The lovely latino boy group Aventura is back this summer with the new album The Last. The CD contains compositions made together with Akon, Wisin & Yande, Ludacris & Wyclef Jean, Arturo Sandoval.

1. Intro (The Last)
2. Por Un Segundo
3. Yo Quisiera Amarla
4. El Malo
5. Dile Al Amor
6. Su Veneno
7. Tu Jueguito
8. Spanish Fly
9. Peligro
10. La Tormenta
11. El Desprecio
12. Vete
13. Skit
14. La Curita
15. Princesita
16. Su Vida
17. Soy Hombre
18. Gracias

Samstag, 4. Juli 2009

Alex Swings Oscar Sings - Heart 4 Sale

The first album of these both guys is out. Behind the projects are the producer Alex Christensen of Alex C. and U96 and the american star Oscar Loya.They took part at Eurovision Contest 2009. The first single was Miss Kiss Kiss Bang. The style is pop with jazz orientation.

01I Love Senoritas ...
02Boom Boom Goes My Heart ...
03Miss Kiss Kiss Bang ...
04Do The Cha Cha Cha ...
05Heart 4 Sale ...
06Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead ...
07Puttin On The Ritz ...
08Oscars Suite ...
09La Vie En Rose ...
10Do You Wanna Be My Friend ...
11I'm Crazy ...
12Walking In The Rain ...
13What The World Needs Now ...
14Muchacha Kiss Kiss Bang ...

A-HA - Foot of the Mountain

A fantastic Comeback of A-Ha this year.Perfect same old style, perfect voice, perfect songs. The debut single was titled too Foot of the Mountain.

01. The Bandstand
02. Riding The Crest
03. What There Is
04. Foot Of The Mountain
05. Real Meaning
06. Shadowside
07. Nothing Is Keeping You Here
08. Mother Nature Goes To Heaven
09. Sunny Mystery
10. Start The Simulator


Will I Am, Fergie and Co are back with a brand new album in a brand new style - electro pop. The full title speaks itself - Energy Never Dies. The first too singles are released - Boom Boom Pow and I Gotta Feeling. The album has a deluxe version in 2 CD with more bonus tracks. Its one of the more perspective albums of the year.

Boom Boom Pow
Rock That Body
Meet Me Halfway
Imma Be
I Gotta Feeling
Missing You
Party All The Time
Out Of My Head
Electric City
Now Generation
One Tribe
Rockin To The Beat
Where Ya Wanna Go
Simple Little Melody
Don't Bring Me Down
Pump It Harder
Let's Get Re-Started
Shut The Phunk Up
That's The Joint
Another Weekend
Don't Phunk Around

Montag, 29. Juni 2009

MICHAEL JACKSON - All his albums are going now to be best selling after his death.

It was told now that Michael Jackson left about 100 unreleased songs.They will be published later but not before the statement who will own the rights of them. Some pop artists like Justine Timberlake and Britney are thinking over the idea to take performances at the forthplanned tour concerts of Michael and to give all the best to his fans.

Samstag, 27. Juni 2009

Freitag, 26. Juni 2009


Michael Jackson R.I.P. Graphic
SodaHead Graphics

Michael Jackson: The Popworld mourns

From Madonna to Arnold Schwarzenegger: Celebrities react dismayed at Michael Jackson's death. In interviews and on the internet platform Twitter to share their grief with.

The Queen of Pop is mourning the King of Pop: "I can not stop thinking about this sad news to cry. I did Michael Jackson ever admired. The world has lost one of the greatest, but his music will continue to live forever, "says Madonna in the death of Michael Jackson.

Even ex-Beatle Paul McCartney condolences: "It is so sad and so shocking. His music will forever be remembered." The photograph from 1983 shows the two sizes together in the music studio. Jackson was until 2007 the rights to 251 Beatles songs, this debt but due to its sale.

Pop princess Britney Spears is dismayed:
"I had me so on his show in London happy. We would be at the same time in Europe have been on tour, and I wanted to fly to see him. My whole life he was an inspiration for me, and I'm devastated that he is no longer there, "she told the magazine

Even Michael Jackson's ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley is using Twitter to express their grief to give:
"I am so sad and confused. I sympathize with his children, which, as I know, his one and all were. His death is such a massive loss. I miss the words."

His colleague, Mariah Carey is dismayed. She writes on Twitter:
"No artist will ever be able to take his place. His star will forever shine. My heart is broken. My prayers are with the Jackson family, my heart is with his children. Let him remember us for what he music world and all the joy he has created millions of fans. It was a blessing for me, that I several times with him on stage was allowed. He was my friend. "

Lenny Kravitz pays tribute to Michael Jackson with these words:
"He was the only true 'King of Pop'. May you rest in peace, Michael. You gave us everything that you could give."

Singer Justin Timberlake spoke on his own website on the death of Michael Jackson:
"I still can not find the right words to express my deep grief over Michael's death to express. We have a genius and a true ambassador not just for pop music, but any kind of music is lost. He was an inspiration for several generations, and I will always appreciate the moments that I with him on stage spent, and all the things that through him I have learned about music. "

Sonntag, 21. Juni 2009


Ministry Of Sound released a new compilation called Sessions Germany Mixed By DJ Sammy 2009 - where he published his new single Feel The Love. His latest album Club Room is planned for release since last year but didnt shined out til today.

Sylver released the video to their fourth future single Foreign Affair from the latest album Sacrifice 2009. The song is one of their rare cover versions.

The latest solo single by Rene Dif of Aqua is released under his artistic name Mista Dif and is called All Up To You. Check it at

The famous US rapper Flo Rida used in his new single Sugar samples of Eiffel 65's single Blue.

Britney Spears recorded as a bootleg a coverversion of Ace Of Base' hit All that she wants.

CJ Stone, ex Bass Bumpers, re-released his old hit Shining Star 2009 with new remixes. The style is similar to Fragma and Impetto.

Maria Nayler, famous by singing for Robert Miles and Ferry Corsten, released her new solo single called Naked And Sacred.

Justin Timberlake released two new collaborated singles - one with the producer Timbaland called What You Got and one with the new singer Esmee Denters called Casanova.


Alex Christensen aka Alex C and U96 will be jury member of the newest season of germans casting tv show Popstars, directed by Detlef D Soost.

Tania Evans from Culture Beat opened her newdesigned official myspace page, you can discover it here -

Jens Neumann one of the Mr.President producers will lunched on 28th July 2009 a new material with unreleased tracks on itunes. The new album features rare tracks produced for the stage shows between 1996 and 1999.

Moby will release soon his new album Wait For Me with 16 tracks.

Kylie released her new compilation Kylie Minogue - For You For Me Best Of (Tour Edition 2009) .

Latino boy band Aventura released their new album called The Last. The possible new single maybe is Aventura - Por Un Segundo.

Dan McKie and Colton Ford recorded the new single Music Sounds Better With You. The song is cover version to Stardust and will be included in the Colton's new album Under The Covers 2009.


Pet Shop Boys released on 19 June their new single called Did You See Me Coming? Its the second single from the latest album Yes, after the debut Love etc. The maxi contains 3 new unreleased tracks. You can also download free their new album megamix from -

1. Did You See Me Coming?
2. After The Event
3. The Former Enfant Terrible
4. Up and Down


The latest album of Hermes House Band - Rhythm Of The Nineties is released.It is full of covers of 90s hits like What is love, Saturday night, No Limit, Please dont go, Ive been thinking about you and The rhythm of the night.There are also 2 coverversions of Snap - Rhythm is a dancer and The first the last eternity. Its the best party collection of the 90s.



The new album of Alexia - Ale & Co is out. The italian singer was popular in the 90s as a singer for many eurodance projects like Ice MC, Double You and Digilove. Later she recorded her solo album Fan Club in the same style. Since 2002 she recorded albums only in italian language. Til today Alexia has 11 albums. This album is re-release of the last Ale from 2008, and contains some new tracks as the collaboration with Bloom 06 (ex-Eiffel 65) - We Is The Power. Its a fine poprock track recorded together with the leadvocal of Eiffel 65.

1 Biancaneve (feat. Mario Lavezzi)
2 WE Is the Power (feat. Bloom 06)
3 E non sai (feat. Madame Sisi)
4 Guardarti dentro
5 Grande coraggio
6 Mio padre (feat. Annamaria Aquilani)
7 Il folletto
8 Ale
9 Nowhere
10 Il mio mondo


The new debut album of Daniel called The Album is finally out.Daniel is the latest winner of the german casting tv show DSDS (Music Idol). This cd contains some of his songs performed at the tv show but in studio arrangements like Sweet Dreams and Aint No Sunshine. The album is perfect and loaded with more power to fight for the top of the charts. And the voice of this young popstar is just amazing, you must check it out !

01: Anything But Love (Single Version) 3:300
2: Take Me To The Clouds 3:430
3: Sweet Dreams 4:530
4: Please Stay Tonight 3:510
5: Emily 3:120
6: Cause It's Over 3:320
7: I Love Your Smile 3:530
8: Ain't No Sunshine 2:040
9: Nothing's Gonna Change It 3:28
10: It's A Lonely Night 3:29
11: Why 3:45
12: How Can I Be Sure 3:26
13: Anything But Love (Duet with Sarah Kreuz) 3:35

Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2009

AQUA 2009

Greatest Hits is the second greatest hits album by Scandinavian eurodance group Aqua, scheduled to be released in Denmark and Sweden June 15, 2009. It includes digitally remastered versions of 16 old songs and three new songs: "Back to the 80's", "My Mamma Said", and "Live Fast - Die Young". Also included is as a lyrics booklet.
In late 2008, there were rumours that Aqua would be releasing a third studio album. The band reported that it was not the case, but that a greatest hits album with new songs "showing the band's new style" would be released.

Back To The 80s (3:44)
My Mamma Said (3:37)
Live Fast - Die Young (3:03)

Happy Boys & Girls (3:34)
Barbie Girl (3:15)
Around The World (3:29)
Doctor Jones (3:22)
Aquarius (4:21)
Cuba Libre (3:35)
Lollipop (Candyman) (3:35)
Cartoon Heroes (Radio Edit) (3:39)
Be A Man (4:21)
My Oh My (3:23)
Freaky Friday (3:44)
We Belong To The Sea (4:17)
Roses Are Red (Original Version) (3:42)
Halloween (3:49)
Turn Back Time (4:07)
Goodbye To The Circus (3:59)

Samstag, 13. Juni 2009


Shaggy released on 5 June his new summer hit for 2009 called Fly Hugh , together with Gary 'Nesta' Pine. Here's the tracklisting:
1. Radio mix
2. Extended mix
3. Resource remix
4. Plastik Funk remix
5. Alternative Jabba-Rock mix


Martin Stosch released on 5 June his new single in 2009 Ich Liebe Dich Nicht Mehr (I Love You No More). The german Music Idol semi finalist is preparing to release his second album too in September. With his Debutalbum '7teen' Martin had more success as it was expected. Later he recorded a duet song with his showpartner Lisa Bund - the real Mallorca smash bomb Have You Found. The new video is shot in California between Joshua Tree Cost and Ocean Drive.
1. Ich Liebe Dich Nicht Mehr
2. Ich Liebe Dich Nicht Mehr (By The Ocean Version)


Depeche Mode released on 12 June the second single Peace from the new album Sounds Of The Universe.

1. Peace (Single / Album version)
2. Peace (Hervé's 'Warehouse Frequencies' Remix)
3. Peace (Sander Van Doorn Remix)
4. Peace (Japanese Popstars Remix)
5. Peace (Sid LeRock Remix)
6. Peace (Justus Köhncke Extended Disco Club Vocal Remix)